Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Today marks the 10th month that Sarah & I have been in this relationship. At the 2nd of every month since August last year, we would do something special. It was like "our" day and we would take some time off to just do something together. This time around, we decided to skip the usual dine out and movies template and tried something different instead. It was a rather productive day and I would say that it was one of the best times together.

So I met up with Sarah at Borders at about an hour after noon, and she surprised me with a new pair of pajamas pants from Peter Alexander. I kinda knew she would get them for me cause I have been hinting and nudging her for the past few days. Ask and you shall receive, right? Anyway, I was still grateful she got it for me. She doesn't know that I got her the same pair of pants but it'll arrive the next day due to the lack of stock. Let's hope she doesn't read this before she gets it or it'll spoil the surprise. (The risks I take for this blog!)

After that we walked into a couple of boutique stalls and window shopped a lil' before heading to the swimming pool. I must say, the pool system here's too systematic for my liking. They had fast lanes, slow lanes, and you've to even keep to the left! Kinda feels like a highway. It didn't take us long before we tired out (more like I did) and headed to the sauna. 15 minutes was all we could handle, so we showered and left the pool. Our stomachs were nudging us, and the dehydration was not treating us very well, making us head to the supermarket to get a pie each and a drink. We sat near Oriental Bay and ate with the accompaniments of some Robins. It was rather amusing watching them literally grabbing the crumbs from the ground. I wouldn't say the same when the seagulls started to join the party. Sarah was getting paranoid of the seagulls, so we left and got some DVD. As soon as we got out of the Civic Video, we saw our bus arriving and made a dash for it. We bought some rather cheap Angus beef from supermarket before heading home, and cooked ourselves a rather luscious meal. We had steak with mushroom sauce, roasted corn cobs, mashed potatoes and a bowl of tomato soup each. We ended the night with one of the DVDs we loaned and was pretty much exhausted mid-way through the show.

Some time in between the day, I had this rather interesting conversation with Sarah. A couple of days ago, we caught this movie at the cinemas, called "The Book of Eli". The movie was about a man named Eli that lived in the post-apocalyptic world. He was given this duty by God to guard the very last Bible that existed. Nearing the end of the film, he had an opportunity to hand the Bible to an organization that's helping rebuild civilization and would be able to preserve the book. But because he lost the Bible to some villain, he couldn't do that. However, for the past 30 years, he has been reading that Bible in braille, and was able recited the whole Bible to be recorded down.

I made a comment that it was rather impossible for anyone to actually be able to recite the entire Bible, word for word. How could it be possible to memorize books like Numbers and Leviticus, and not to mention the multitude of names that are recorded in the Bible. Sarah however didn't share my opinion. She thought that if God has given this man the task to guard the very last Bible in the world, surely he would've received the ability from God to complete the task.

Those words ran around in my head for awhile and it was as if God was reminding me that these 10 months wouldn't have happened if He had not given both Sarah and I the ability to maintain this relationship. Not only has He brought our paths together, He has given us the capability and strength to continue this journey. 10 months seemed like a rather short period of time; in fact it is a very short frame of time. Somehow, that short period of time felt like a very long time.

I guess when you are with that special someone,
time does stop sometime.

And at times, it stops longer than it should.